Bing Predicts India Will Beat Pakistan In The ICC Champions Trophy Final

Bing, the search engine from Microsoft, feels that India will be the winners of tomorrow’s final match for the ICC Champion’s Trophy between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan made it to the finals with an unexpected win over the English team, while India comfortably knocked out Bangladesh with 9 wickets left.


Here’s why Bing feels India has a 73% chance of winning the championship tomorrow

India will win because:

  • An overwhelming Indian batting powerhouse: Indubitably the most brutal line-up to reckon with, Indian batting has serious depths. From the robust starts by the openers to the fireworks of the middle order spearheaded by Kohli, it calls for nothing less than an otherworldly bowling performance to negate this batting artillery.
  • Bland form of Pakistan batting: With due respect to their laudable revival from a humiliating loss in their first game, Pakistan batting still lags behind the expected standards. Considering the way Bhubaneswar and Bumrah are demolishing first-rate batsmen, Pakistan have to rise up to the occasion and do things that are not often attributed to them.
  • Pakistan would be under pressure: After getting annihilated by Kohli’s boys in their previous encounter, The Green Shirts are under grave pressure to win this final game. Their recent records against the arch rivals and the big-match pressure would only make things severe for them to hold their nerve.
  • Although India are favourites, Pakistan stand a chance if they: a) Dismiss the first three Indian batsmen cheaply b) Neutralize or at least tackle the Indian pace assault and c) Bowl their heart out in the match.


ICC Champions Trophy 2017


Since 1978, India and Pakistan have faced each other 128 times in One Day International (ODI) matches. India has won just 52 of them, Pakistan has won 72, and only 4 have ended with no results.

In the last 5 encounters between the two teams, Pakistan has managed to win just 1 game, while India has won 4.

The last game between the two sides was played in Birmingham during the group stages where the Indian team thrashed their Pakistani counterparts to win by 124 runs.

The ICC Champions Trophy finale takes place at tomorrow June 18, 2017 at 3:00 pm Indian Standard Time.

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