John Oliver Appeals To The Internet – “Save Net Neutrality”

It was just a few years ago in 2014 when John Oliver created a segment on his HBO show Last Week Tonight about ‘net neutrality’. Back then, the comedian urged his viewers to make their opinion on this subject heard by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of United States.

His segment made a big impact on the subject eventually making the FCC classify internet service providers (ISPs) be categorised under Title II of the communications act. Broadly, any service under Title II classifies it as an essential service that is regulated by the Federal agencies thereby limiting the ISPs from creating ‘special lanes’ for their vested interests.

But since Obama administration’s exit, the new American President Donald Trump had made it very clear about his disapproval regarding the policies of his predecessor. He vowed to revert many of the policies such as the Affordable Healthcare Act commonly known as Obamacare and the net neutrality bill being the latest of the changes.

The new FCC commissioner Ajit Pai, Trump’s selection for the FCC, had been vocal about removing ISPs from Title II , “I favour an open Internet and I oppose Title II”.

So John Oliver returns with this topic on his show appealing the internet to once again let the FCC Chairman know why net neutrality matters to them. He even created a website for the people to easily post their comments on the FCC website regarding this issue.

The response was astounding. Once again, the FCC was flooded with comments and a DDoS attack, according to their statement.

Oh internet, you always amuse.

Watch the segment below.

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