Now Instagram copies Sanpchat’s Face Filters

What started with the Story feature has now turned into a full-on ripoff as Facebook continues to steal one feature after another from Snapchat.

The latest in line is a clone of face filters in the Facebook-owned Instagram app. Instead of the dog-face filter, Instagram offers bunny ears + 7 more interactive filters.

Instagram Face Filters


In addition to the face filters, the new Instagram app also adds some more features such as Rewind and Hashtag Stickers.

With Rewind, you can try to make your plain old video share more fun or weird by having them play backwards.


Instagram Rewind Feature


And Hashtag Labels are pretty much just plain text on a sticker like background.

Instagram Hashtag Sticker


Facebook has continually copied features from Snapchat to its main app, as well as to both WhatsApp and Instagram. With 3 massively popular apps trying to make it redundant, it would be interesting to watch how, if at all, Snapchat bounces back to stay ahead.

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