OnePlus 5 Gets 300,000 Pre-Bookings Even Before The Device Is Announced

The next OnePlus flagship – the OnePlus 5 is coming soon and people can’t wait for it.

According to a Chinese retailer, the device has already received over 300,000 registrations. JD opened up for pre-booking on June 14 and will continue until June 22 when the device becomes officially available for sale.

The figures are quite impressive when you take into account the fact that OnePlus hasn’t even officially unveiled the device yet. These 300,000 people are willing to book the phone without even knowing the specifications. And that’s just one retailer. In China.

The global interest in the OnePlus 5 is bound to be significantly higher as many people would want to buy the device from the OnePlus website or their own regional retailers, while would at least wait for an official announcement for the device.

Since their entry with the One, OnePlus has consistently put out one device after another that challenged the flagship of that time with high specs and quality at significantly lower prices. And while the prices of each device has increased steadily, the interest simply refuses to dwindle.


OnePlus 5 Specifications

Based on the bits and pieces of information that OnePlus has released randomly over the past few weeks, we know that the device will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 System on Chip – the same one that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has – paired with 8 GB or 6 GB of RAM.

The launch announcement by the official OnePlus twitter account also confirmed that the device will sport dual cameras at the back.

The official launch of the OnePlus 5 will take place this Tuesday on June 20th 2017 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time.

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