OnePlus 5 To Launch On June 15th?

If this image is to be believed, OnePlus will launch its upcoming ‘flagship killer’ very soon.

A Weibo post by a user that seems to be a poster for a OnePlus event was recently seen on the Twitter equivalent of China. According to the image, the new OnePlus device will be unveiled on June 15th, 15:00 local time. If it isn’t a fake, then this is the closest thing to an official event invitation.

OnePlus 5 Invitation

The purported invitation as seen on Weibo.

The company confirmed the new phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 platform, something that is affirmed by Qualcomm themselves.

Along with that, it has partnered with DxOMark for the primary camera. DxO Mark is a renowned imaging company, best known for the DxOMark benchmarking test that remains one of the most commonly cited metrics for camera performance on a smartphone, along with developing several pieces of professional photography software. But the company also has hardware experience in the DxO One, a well-regarded camera that slots directly into the Lightning port on an iPhone to offer improved pictures than the built-in camera.

OnePlus also recently asked its fans to help select the official box for the OnePlus 5 on their social channels, which indicates that the company is very close to launching the new handset.

OnePlus 5 Box

Exec officials also revealed the phone will have a fingerprint sensor on the front, implying the handset will not have an all-screen design, and will not ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Can you tell which photo was taken with the OnePlus 5?

— OnePlus (@oneplus) 29 May 2017


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