WhatsApp’s Newest Feature Could Be Very Handy

Based on reports by beta testers, WhatsApp is possibly releasing a new feature in its upcoming update which could be a boon for many.

Most of us have a few frequent chats out of the many others. By default, any new message arriving would put that chat on the top of the list.

This means having to scroll through all of them to reach for the frequently used chat which is a task for those who receive large amounts of messages from various sources.

The new feature reportedly is pinning of chats which would keep upto 3 chats on the top of the list. This means no more scrolling to retrieve the most used chats.

WhatsApp Pinned Chats


To try it out, you’ll need to be running the latest WhatsApp beta build 2.17.163 or 2.17.164, though it won’t be long until it hits regular app releases.

You can join the official beta channel for Android or download the APK here. Apple users will have to wait for the official release.


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